Four Reasons to Use Canola Oil Instead of Vegetable Oil

Four Reasons to Use Canola Oil Instead of Vegetable Oil

Four Reasons to Use Canola Oil Instead of Vegetable Oil

CHICAGO, Jan. 12, 2016 / PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE / - When it's time to cook, do you know the oil you're going to use? Some oils are good when high temperatures are required, others are not. Some oils are good for maintaining a healthy heart, while others contain saturated fat. And no, vegetable oil does not come from vegetables like lettuce, carrots or tomatoes even when the photos on the labels show them.

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Vegetable oil is made with various types of oil. Turn the bottle over and you will see different components such as soy, sunflower and corn. However, what is inside the bottle may not be specified. This means that nutritional content and culinary behavior are also not specified. "As a dietician, I want to use a healthy oil and, when I cook, I want a versatile oil to behave consistently," says Manuel Villacorta, Registered Dietician, author of the book "Whole Body Reboot" ( Detoxifying the body with Peruvian superfoods). Vegetable oil does not guarantee any of this.

Villacorta, also indicates that it is ideal to cook daily with a low-saturated fat oil with high heat tolerance. "It is important that people understand the differences between the various types of cooking oils because they can not be used indiscriminately in everything that is cooked," says the nutritionist.

"Using 100% canola oil, it's what I use in the kitchen and I put it on my plate," says Villacorta. "It is healthy and serves everything - an oil that can be defined as 'all in one.'"

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* In 2006, the US Food and Drug Administration UU. - on the basis of limited and non-definitive scientific evidence - authorized a qualified health claim stating that daily consumption of 1 ½ tablespoons of canola oil may reduce the risk of heart disease due to the unsaturated fatty acids contained therein. In order to obtain this possible benefit, canola oil should replace a similar amount of saturated fat without increasing the total number of calories consumed over the course of a day.

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