They are very easy to make, economical, ecological, adaptable to all types of space and very fun to play on any occasion!

, water and coloring, we have a fun Bowling

With plastic boxes and plates, we can create this beautiful drive

Funny lizards using wool, cardboard and glue . Wool can go through all parts with great freedom.

Truck or Cart with plastic trigger container and plastic and sheet metal caps as wheels

Horse made with plastic bottle container, broomstick, wool, cardboard and covers gaseous

Ice cream sticks puzzle

Memotest with plastic soda lids

Cargo truck with milk or juice cartons, plastic lids for the wheels

Freight train with cardboard boxes

With an egg cup you can make this interesting game so that the little ones learn the numbers and the amount they represent < / p>

Catapult with disposable colored plates with numbers, or ice cream stick and a piece of wood for the base of the catapult and paper balls to throw

To play the Pirates and discover many treasures


Puppet Theater and puppets

A self made cardboard, you can per to personalize with stars, hearts, what your children like

Kitchen corner with cut boxes, empty food boxes and unbreakable dishware

A city with boxes of shoes

Reusing an old TV cabinet we can make this little kitchen to play

Ideal as a cotillion !! These pouches are made with descale dishes.

Macetites for sweets and lollipop flowers made with coffee cups

Octopus made with an old sweater and disused buttons

Mobile made with CDs. You can give them color with tempers or color folding

Drag snake with corks and wood beads

Mobile for baby made with colored socks and ribbons

Giant size inlay set: A large cardboard box, objects of different sizes and shapes and imagination to design drafts!

With a truck wheel you can make this sandbox very funny

Animal banks made with disposable bottles and papier maché

Thank you Leticia Garcés

b> for your collaboration with these ideas!

Degree in Pedagogy

Coordinator of Parents 'and Mothers' Schools in Navarra

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