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Glover is a video game developed by Hasbro Interactive for the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation consoles and for Microsoft Windows in 1998.

The story begins in a tower a castle where a magician is doing an experiment. This experiment is unsuccessful, resulting in an explosion to which the magician is exposed, losing his gloves (one of them Glover) is a white glove agile, strong and friendly and becoming stone. After leaving Glover fired by the window, the other glove falls into the cauldron in which he was experimenting, mutating and becoming the main enemy of the protagonist.

With the explosion have also been fired from the castle 7 magic crystals after Glover, that this one turns into balls just before they fall to the ground avoiding so that they are broken. In contrast, the crystals (transformed into balls) are dispersed by different zones or worlds, Glover having to recover them to get the magician back to its original state.

Game mode >

Glover can perform different actions with the ball, being able to make it roll, bounce, throw, palmear (only in N64) or walk on it. On the water, controls are reversed (except on easy difficulty). Glover can also collect cards (known as "Garibs") with which you can access bonus stages if you collect them all in each world.

Worlds and Levels

game is developed in 7 different zones, the castle gardens and 6 worlds. Each world is broken down into 3 different levels, one boss and one bonus phase.

The different worlds are:

  • Castle Gardens : It is where the adventure begins and from where you can access the different worlds between other zones.
  • Atlantis : This is the first world. It is a water level surrounded by ancient ruins. Glover will intersect with medieval sharks and male-eating fish.
  • Carniva l: This is the second world. The level is developed on the circus agenda around which Glover should avoid flying elephants, juggling roosters and giant bumblebees.
  • Pirates : This is the third world. It is another level of water filled with cannonballs and walking swords called "Swish" that Glover can control.
  • Prehistoric : This is the fourth world. Fortress of Fear
  • Fortress of Fear : This is the fifth world to return to the stone age with a multitude of dinosaurs. It's a level that could be called "scary" with creepy castles and fortresses. Glover will cross paths with ghosts and witches who will turn him into a frog and ball in a strange, red and purple sticky drop, or explode it.
  • Out of this world : Se it is about the sixth and last world. It is a level with a futuristic and extraterrestrial environment in which Glover will encounter deadly robots and spaceships.

The balls

Hasbro Interactive had planned to make a sequel to the Glover video game to be released in 2000 under the name "Glover 2", but the idea was discarded and has not been reported further.

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