Harmony of the Seas, gigantic floating wonder - The Sentinel

Harmony of the Seas, gigantic floating wonder - The Sentinel

Harmony of the Seas, gigantic floating wonder - The Sentinel

Each of the 24 lifts on the Harmony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, presents a small detail that paradoxically holds the colossal of this maritime wonder: the days of the week < "It's to orientate yourself," explains Isabel Rodríguez, a public relations agent for the Royal Caribbean shipping fleet, pointing to the floor where a revolving window indicates Thursday.

Thursday 10 November. A special day in the port of Fort Lauderdale where this giant of the oceans - following an old tradition of the Romance languages ​​the word boat is always feminine - would be officially "baptized" by Brittany Affolter "the godmother" of the ship.

Affolter, a Miami-Dade non-profit organization Teach For America, was selected for this honor for her work in South Florida "inspiring new generations to dream big, think differently and change the status quo ". And, like its godmother, 'Harmony of the Seas,' is to dream immensely and change everything.

The ceremony marked the official presentation of the cruise in Fort Lauderdale, its home port in the United States and from where special guests, travel agents and media representatives from all over the world participated in this activity in the also presented the main ones

The Sea of ​​Numbers

Where to Begin?

The Harmony of the Seas measures 1,188 feet long and is 306 feet longer than the legendary Titanic.

If it stood 399 feet higher than the Four Season, Miami's tallest building; and 883 feet higher than the Statue of Liberty.

"This is a special boat with innovations to date not seen. Set of attractions such as swimming pools, the fastest internet connection on the high seas, restaurants, theaters and water park and the slide with the most fall (Ultimate Abyss) make the Harmony of the Seas a unique boat, "explained Rodriguez.

Among other rarities, the ship built in St. Nazaire, France, has seven neighborhoods, 20 restaurants, a bar that goes up and down, and robots that serves as bartenders in a bionic bar and fun (you do not need to tip these androids).

Guests will also enjoy the Dreamworks experience Animation, and the little ones can learn to draw with Muffalo Potato, a popular Youtube program that teaches children to draw with letters and numbers.

You can also participate in puppet shows, created by actors and producers worldwide.

Passengers staying at Central Park will have rooms with a revolutionary design. This is an area open to the sky, with lush tropical gardens and exclusive dining areas, such as Jamie's Italian restaurant, by the well-known chef Jaime Oliver, or Giovanni's Table.

Central Park:

Boardwalk: i nspired on the nostalgic coastal docks of yesteryear features a handmade carousel.

Perfect Storm , a trio of water slides.

Ultimate Abyss known as Cyclone, Typhoon and Supercell.

AquaTheater: an aquatic theater where you can enjoy all kinds of acrobatic shows.

Other: two surf simulators, a zip line station (82 feet high), two climbing walls 43 feet high each; basketball courts, mini golf courses, ping pong tables, casinos and gyms, among other attractions, offers the Harmony of the Seas.

Here are some of the food and beverages that Haromy of the Seas offers on each of their week-long cruises:

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