HGTV | Extreme Homes in Rock! - Rocky Point 360

HGTV | Extreme Homes in Rock! - Rocky Point 360

HGTV | Extreme Homes in Rock! - Rocky Point 360

By Arq. Plinio Rivero

Last week, and for the second time in two months, the film team from HGTV visited Rocky Point, this time to produce a new segment for the acclaimed series "Extreme Homes."

It was thrilling when homeowners, and good friends of ours, Eddie Jones and Lisa Johnson told us their home Osprey's Nest had been selected by a producer from London to appear on the popular HGTV show. The producer had come to know the home through various online publications and articles, and then contacted Jones about the program. The home, El Nido Ospre, was conceived by Architect and homeowner Eddie Jones. I had the privilege of sharing in the process of design, collaborating alongside him, and making his ideas a reality in order to build his dream home.

Marina Klemensiewicz
Marina Klemensiewicz Verified account @Klemensiewicz

The HGTV team that recently visited the home spent two days filming and speaking with the homeowners, who took the camera on the "tour." Without expecting it, I accompanied Lisa & Eddie during the first day of filming and suddenly the idea arose for the builder, or rather me, to explain various details of the home. So, I had a chance to hop on the screen for a few minutes! Now, I just hope they do not leave me on the cutting room floor! At the end of the session, Lisa's frozen margaritas from the home's patio at sunset were a no brainer!

We are anxious to learn when the show will be aired, so we invite everyone to enjoy it and continue seeing Puerto Penasco showcased on these types of international programs. Earlier this Fall, an HGTV team was in town filming for the popular House Hunters International show, so watch for that as well!

Extreme house filming at Rocky Point

By Arq Plinio Rivero

We are very excited to confirm the date of transmission of the show, to invite you to enjoy it on your television and to continue enjoying Puerto Peñasco in these types of international programs.

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