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Location: Laguna de Unare, Anzoátegui State, northeastern Venezuela.

On the Gonzalito I wrote (Icterus nigrogularis nigrogularis)

The Gonzalito (Icterus nigrogularis), with a yellow head and body on, and face, throat, tail and bright black wings, the latter with white edges, is a cousin of the Turpial and the Jay that builds nests in the form of a bag. As Lisando Alvarado said, "Gonzal is a poetic form" (Alvarado, 1984 [1929], 1098), as is the "happy and varied" song of this pleasant bird, "like the announcement of a good day" (Röhl However, the tradition tells us that the name would come to this bird of a character neither peaceful nor lyrical, as it was Garci González de Silva, massacre of Indians, insatiable terroir, public office captain and unrepentant corrupt, according to many historians, whose plume "of yellow and black feathers was known and acclaimed throughout the province. His popularity had been so great that people called Gonzalito to a songbird that wore its yellow and black plumage through the brambles "(Pardo, 1986, p. 172)," who still cheers the fields of which was formerly the Province of Caracas "(Oramas, 1926, p.17). It is noteworthy that Gonzalito has a more pretentious half-brother called Gonzalito real (Icterus auricapillus), with a gray-blue back in place of the yellow of his relative and head and neck red orange, that "gyms that differentiate it from the common Gonzalito" (Ferraro and Lentino, 1992, pp. 54 and 143), which you can see here, here and here as well. / p>

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