Kerfouler Gardens near the Trieux Valley in Brittany

Kerfouler Gardens near the Trieux Valley in Brittany

Kerfouler Gardens near the Trieux Valley in Brittany

Kerfouler Gardens along the Trieux Valley in Brittany

There are 14 different garden styles with no connection between them. It has many benches that invite you to sit during your tour, exhibitions for art lovers and as many plants as charm.

We are in the Kerfouler Gardens and to visit them you have to move to the region of Brittany in France, considered the gardening region in that country. We will arrive to the town of Trieux Plouëc , a small village near Pontrieux in Côtes d'Armor (Cotes d'Armor). We leave the Brittany coast just 15 km away.

There we are waiting for the garden that has created the Dutch marriage Erwin Straalman and Hanneke van Nuland. Erwin worked as a gardener and for 25 years ran a successful florist. But in 2007 they planned to take a radical turn in his life.

Kerfouler Gardens along the Trieux Valley

They traveled to Brittany and fell in love with that area. Subsequently, they acquired a 1 hectare plot next to the Vallée du Trieux and in 2010 the couple moved . They not only established their residence there, but also built a small house for rural accommodation . This allows them to earn income all year round. The environment is a great attraction, no doubt, but their experience in gardening made them, in addition, put their bit to add more beauty to that landscape.

The garden they have created is the last which has been incorporated into that area, a region where the spectacular gardens of French castles abound, with surfaces equivalent to the size of 30 football fields. However, they have been able to inspire their humble acre (compared to their neighboring gardens) making this plot an attractive attraction, a complement for those who decide to stay there and stop in the way.

Initially, on the plot there were only a few trees with a dozen fruits. In 2011 they started the design of the gardens. In the same year the first plantations were carried out, as many plants as 600 beech (Fagus sylvatica), 400 bunch (Buxus sempervirens), 400 willows ( Salix), another 50 trees of different species and 2,200 vivaces and shrubs.

They designed 14 totally different styles and with no connection between them. A contrast that makes it almost impossible that there is not a single corner that pleases when you walk there, because there is for all tastes: symmetrical garden; naturalist; Japanese; artistic; playful; romantic, exuberant ... Impossible, too, that you get tired, because the garden can be walked in two hours and there are also benches and tea room with terrace, located in a farm 200 years old, which has been restored carefully.

You can see native and also exotic plants . Scents, colors and sound of water in environments that take you to Africa (Patio de Marruecos) or Thailand (Zen Garden).

They created footpaths for the purpose of walking barefoot . There is so much to see and do, and everything is in the same place.

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