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Today I wanted to show you a purchase I made last month to make-up ... I did not buy many things as you can see since I bought some basic ones that I needed and wanted to try some new products this time. I'm telling you!

Lately I've given a lot to go and make my nails of different colors since summer comes and we start to show their feet and I've been feeling my weak nails for a long time, they break quite easily ... so I decided to try this quitaesmalte , I saw it looking for some that was well priced and then that, that helped me to improve the look and harden them! In concrete promised this and also with strawberry aroma and passion fruit. It's from the essence brand, come 150ml and cost me 1'49! Do not you think a super good price? I've tried it a few times already and I love it! It complies with what they promise on the page, I notice enough improvement and that I have not abused much of it, when you have used it in your hands you have the smell and smell great !! Much better to the typical smell of nail polish that bothers the bride and groom hahaha

In summary, a product recommended of course if you want to change the nail polish or just try it!

I leave you a link here in case you are interested to take a look.:)

The link here is what you are curious about.

As not, at least in my purchases, there is almost always no shortage of proofreaders, I am somewhat addicted to trying different ones to see what's up. > This is from essence too, long lasting stay all day soft beige. I've tried it three or four times, I have not yet used it too much. But at the moment I like it enough, it fulfills its function as a corrector and lasts for many hours, but that yes, if you use makeup foundation before, if not at least for me it falls short. Its price is 3.19, so it's great!

My most rare purchase, and at the same time the best I've done this past month, is the Ziaja foot cream. Well, I've never been to take care of my feet to the point of using creams, but lately I thought about starting to do it, I think it never hurts. So I was encouraged as it is at a very good price for the positive comments I saw! I've been using it for a week and something and well, I fell in love! It leaves my feet very soft, in addition to that for people like me, who "annoys" us on the skin we wear cream, it goes great. It is to use 1-2 times a day, I started using it mornings and nights, but someday I just put it on before I go to bed, then notice the softness but without feeling the cream itself on the skin, I guess I explain myself more or less It is suitable for diabetics and prevents cracking and hardening of the skin. I recommend it totally, at least to me it has gone great!

Its price is 2'35, baratísima. I leave the link:)

Direct link here!

And this has been my mini purchase from last month! New products to try and almost everything positive and cheap!

Did you know the products?

Many kisses and happy Mondays!

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