MIMOSA: Acacia dealbata | Plants rioMoros

Mimosa (Acacia dealbata) is a perennial tree of the Leguminosae family and originated in Australia and New Zealand. It reaches a height of between 10 and 15 meters, being able to reach 25 in very good conditions. Form a wide glass with long branches and cinder bark. The leaves are alternate, composed, bipinnate, petiolate, with small, narrow, blunt and glaucous pinnacles. The flowers are grouped into globular, pedunculated glomeruli, less than 1 cm in diameter and with 25 to 30 flowers each. These are pentámeras and of yellow color, with long stamens. They bloom in the early spring and give off a pleasant smell. The fruit is a dehiscent vegetable, compressed between the seeds, glaucous to reddish brown at maturity. Inside there are 4 to 5 seeds of brown color. Their reproduction is done by seeds. In gardening is used as an isolated specimen by its flowering. It needs humidity in summer, sunny exposure and does not withstand strong frost. More trees in

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