plants that heal

plants that heal

plants that heal


nc: Pithecellobium Ungis

For stomach pains, dysentery, constipation, stomach upset in general

decoction of the cortex 3 times a day

Angel's Hair

nc: Calliandra Anomala

For diabetes, an infusion is taken of the tender leaves as water of time

For diarrhea and parasitosis (worms) a preparation of the root is taken with Hawthorn.

For > asthma with capulin bark

History: in the 16th century, Martin de la Cruz mentions it as an aperitif, hemoptysis against condyloma, expectorant.

In the Florentine Codex , the juice of the root is mentioned to cure the bladder. Francisco Hernandez attributes many properties to it.

nc: Psidium Guajava

For the treatment of diarrhea, weakness, vomiting, stomach pain, take a guava tea.

p> To stop uterine bleeding, outside menstruation, boil three guavas in a liter of water and take sporadically until the hemorrhage is stopped.

Cuajilote Prieto

nc: Parmentiera Edulis h3> Used parts: whole plant

For dysentery, take in water, cooking the bark.

For kidney pain, drink a whole tea For coughs, asthma and colds, take tea of ​​boiled flowers for three weeks on an empty stomach (cough)

Francisco Hernández, in the sixteenth century reports as: anticatarral, diuretic, for deafness and deafness by In the middle of the eighteenth century, Ricardo Ossado points out: his action is direct on the bladder, being for nephritic pain very good.

It is an appetite, digestive, diuretic.

It is excellent for relieving cough and bronchial inflammation.

/ p>


nc: vitex mollis

It is also called nanche de perro or cuahuilote Tanbien is effective for scorpion pickets: the decoction of the leaves is taken and applied the area of ​​the bite along with papaya 8 Carica papaya) Francisco Hernández mentions it in the 16th century as antidysenteric, anti-inflammatory and analgesic

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