Maxima of the Netherlands

MAXIMA is very big and has little waistline and is always on the verge of extra kilos. usually sags with clothes but sometimes gets carried away by her excessive taste and sometimes exaggerates with colors, just like Elena from Spain who believes that because she is tall "as a model" she can wear anything. it betrays two things, girls . one is the age, and another is the physical state pasadito in 10 kilos with respect to the model that used the dress in catwalk.


This ridiculous part of what Maxima is missing . too skinny !! there are more clothes to see, solers with bare arms showing bones and more bones, and sometimes it is very informal about acts sometimes where you should NOT wear pants . Ah !! pants, no FUCK ASS please !!!! haha

Skinny, I ate a little more !!!

That gray monkey ... the worst thing I saw!

The very short skirts that she was trying to use played bad tricks like this time

luckily she was shaved! in the era of Jackie Kennedy, the modistas put small weights in the arena of the skirt to avoid situations like this ... and bué ...

... I told them ... the gomaespuna does not screw anyone!

here I mix brown, gray, black . a bad day was that!

. directly . that look DA FEAR ... and that was another bad day, neither combed nor made up ... what will have happened that day?

Mette Marit of Norway

Mette has the body shaped like a refrigerator. is high as Maxima but zero waist and err ugly when she should dress up.

Mary of Denmark

is the best dress. after much searching, can only detect, and with a lot of bad milk, this blouse of color and old-fashioned model.

Elena is ... ugly !!! lol . and bé ... it's true !!! poor thing, whatever gets . it's fatal! on top of it she cheers and prints played, because she believes that "she is tall" and "because she is tall" looks good ...

That dress should come with an explanatory brochure, which clarified that the bolero is inspired by the lightsuits of the bullfighters ...

Laurentien of the Netherlands

insist with those ties in the neck! > that was put on the head ?????????????

ask Beatriz to pay a stylist for her daughter-in-law!

Mabel de Holanda

hahaha had to do a compilation of photos !! Too many pissed!

Queen without a crown of all royal houses is Maxima's sister-in-law !!!

Therese of Luxembourg

This Latin body is like this . Big ass, short stature, too many pregnancies and mucga affection to sweet, to salty and little gym.nadie told him . You're a petite and fat lady. Do not get soooooooo !!

Charlene of Monaco

Matilde of Belgium

jajajja !! no podessssssssss !!!!!!!!

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