Study Abroad in Spain Blog | Barcelona Spain | CIEE: November 2010

Each week we post recommendations from CIEE staff on their favorite restaurants, activities, and places to travel on the activities board in La Casa. Its a good way to discover new places outside the guidebooks - where locals actually go. Here are some of Anna's picks:

Name: Anna S.
Job at CIEE:
Registration & amp; Grades Coordinator (Business & Culture, Architecture & Design & Language & Culture programs)

A restaurant you like: Celler del Nou Priorat, C / Vallespir 19, behind of the Estació de Sants. To eat quality Catalan tapas ("lobster with ham", "cod croquettes" ...) accompanied by a wine from the Priorat denomination (vineyard area south of Catalonia). It is small and therefore must be reserved. Price of one dinner per person around 20 €, with wine and desserts included.

The Celler del Nou Priorat, on Carrer Vallespir # 19, behind Sants Station. For eating high quality Catalan tapas ("mushrooms with ham", "cod croquetas" ...) accompanied with wine from the Priorat region (to the south of Catalonia). The restaurant is small so you need to make a reservation. A meal will start at about 20 € per person, with wine and dessert included.
Go to the Sant Antoni Market on Sundays (9am to 3pm, metro "Sant Antoni") to see the "stalls" of old books, stamps, coins, old photos ... is a very cool and traditional neighborhood. After the Market, I like to take the bicycle and "go down" to Barceloneta for a snack while I read the newspaper on a terrace of the promenade facing the sea. Quality of life!

Your favorite place in Catalunya : Natural Park of the Ebro Delta, 170 kilometers south of Barcelona (regions of "Montsià" and "Baix Ebre"), the Mediterranean Sea. It is a very beautiful and relaxing landscape, with great biological wealth, since it is a wetlands area, rice cultivations and with a huge variety of species of birds that make nests and feed during the migrations. For the brave, you can try the typical dish of the Delta: "Frog legs"!

The natural park at Ebro Delta, 100 miles south of Barcelona (in the "Montsià" and "Baix Ebre" regions ), where the river flows into the Mediterranean Sea. It is a very beautiful and relaxing landscape, with great biological wealth. Since it is a wetlands area there is rice and a huge variety of bird species (even flamingos) that nest and feed during migration.

Your favorite destination in Spain: Salamanca, a city in the Castilla y León region near the border with Portugal. It is basically pedestrian and, although it is not too touristy, I like it, for its historical nucleus and its Plaza mayor typical of the Castilian plateau. It has a great nightlife, with hundreds of bars to "tap" and "copear" to those who come to the thousands of university students who live and study in Salamanca (its 13th century university is the oldest in Europe!)

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