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You may ask - or rather, I wonder, what does this list of dictionaries do in my blog? You have to understand, to start all that a book in my family meant. Going to libraries and libraries were family activities. Above all, bookstores when we were traveling both between Mexico and the United States, the time we spent in the liberias was a moment of joy, of family harmony, there was something for everyone among the shelves of books with striking covers, dyed as candy to attract the attention. Books of anthropology or detective novels united my parents. For a child this point of attachment was important in a somewhat fragile relationship filled with quiet conflicts.

My mother took great pains in teaching me how to write and read. I read aloud. I paid close attention when I read my poetry. She loved the sounds of voice and expressiveness. It was something he learned from his father who was an actor and radio announcer. A word kept between its ribs a world of meanings and expressive possibilities. My grandfather told me once, that to read aloud, you had to practice with the phone book. One that managed to give a thousand shades of meaning alluded to, because it gained its respect.

The dictionary I most appreciate, the dictionary of Maria Moliner does not appear in this list, since the double volume, I can not find it. I know that it is rolling among so many things that I am packing, when I find it I will add it to the list.

Legal Dictionary: Law Dictionary (v.1 & 2) ... Buillermo Cabanellas de las Cuevas, Eleanor C. Hoague
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Technical Termites (v.1,2,3) ... Javier L. Collazo
Visual Dictionary ... Jean-Claude Corbeil, Ariane Archambault

Vocabulary of Medicine ... Francisco Ruiz Torres

French 501 French Verbs ... by Christopher Kendris from Petit Larousse (1961) ... Larousse
French verbs ... Yvonne Boucher (Vox) from Cassell's Compact French Dictionary ... JH Douglas, Denish Dirard, W. Thompson
Italian Dictionary ... Genvieve A. Martin, Maria Ciatti
501 Italian Verbs ... John Colaneri and Vincent Luchiani The New Horizon Ladder Dictionary... John Robert Shaw. The American Heritage Dictionary... Houghton Mifflin.
The Facts on File Visual Dictionary ... Jean-Claude Corbeil
Oxford Dictionary of Rhymes ... Oxford University Press
Webster Medical Dictionary ... Merk, Sharp and Dohme
The Complete Rhyming Dictionary ... Editor: Clement Wood
A dictionary of literary terms ... JA Cuddon
The Highly Selective Thesaurus for the Extraordinarily Literate ... Eugene Ehrlich

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