The Path of the Hummingbird: Zen

I have sent for you because I need to ask you something.

b> What do you want to know?

I heard you have returned from China ...

This is the true and authentic teaching of Buddha.

Tell me, what is it about?

which has been transmitted from generation to generation without interruption. p>

That's the same thing as the other schools say.

Reciting or reading sutras is unimportant. and the invocation of the name of the Buddha.

That was not what the Buddha taught. >

What is practice at your school?

Just sit. We sit down again and again.

How can Buddhism be realized by just sitting down and doing nothing? Tokiyori, your question is how to live in the ocean ...

and pretend that there is no water.

spring, flowers.

In summer, the song of the cuckoo.

In autumn, the clarity of the moon and. In the summer, the singing of the cuckoo!
Dogen In the summer, the cold snow.

, that's too obvious.

It's certainly obvious ...

Things are as they are. This is enlightenment!

See things as they really are:

Zazen allows us to see the water in the vast ocean.

And yet, until we realize the Buddha nature ...

We do not see the water there is

in the vast ocean.

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