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Black ties are widely used as expressions of mourning and from our blog we leave some images with different messages of condolences to share in

11 Pictures with condolences to share when someone dies dear < / h4>

We leave you a gallery of images to share when a loved one dies.

Until forever and thanks ...

We know the terrible moment when a loved one dies and these messages are to mitigate the pain a little. Although we know that there are moments when there is no comfort when a loved one is missing, either a relative or a friend or a coworker, we leave these images to download in a totally free form that

Messages to share when a loved one dies:

There is always pain when someone from the environment dies and words of comfort or an image with a message are always grateful.

My heart tells me that I'm not going to to forget ... .

My heart since you left is in mourning. I will never forget you.

There are times in life that you would surely like to bring someone from heaven and give them a hug.

There will be no tears in my eyes ...


In memory of loved ones who are no longer ...

My heartfelt condolences ... Peace in your grave

You feel the absence when someone dear dies ...


Mourning Sentences and Grieving for Loss of a Loved One

Grieving Words for a Loved One's Death
When a loved one's death occurs, of support for the person who suffers the loss.

• You are never prepared for the death of someone you love. Time will ease the pain.

• The pain of a loss is very strong and goes inside.

• Death ends a life, not a relationship. / p>

• The departure of a loved one is the hope of a future reunion.

• Whoever died is simply ahead of us, because we are all going there.

• I regret the loss and I accompany you in feeling. • The person who left will live forever in the background. my heart.

• Death of a loved one is an inevitable fact in life and always produces an inner growth.

• There are deaths that can never be overcome. >

• The soul is in mourning .... it is difficult to recover but it can be!

Black ties of mourning to share on March 24th Day of Memory

Today from our blog we leave a gallery of black ties of mourning to share on social networks for the Day of Memory, Truth and Justice.

In memory of all the victims of repression from the military dictatorship in Argentina that began on March 24, 1976. We motivate them to share in social networks these ties of black mourning in memory and asking for "Never Never .

Black ties of mourning for March 24th Day of Memory:

March 24 is the day instituted as Memory Day, for Argentines to say "Never more "... .to the dictatorship ... to disappearances ... to death."

Black moans of mourning to unload and share

The black bows of mourning, black bows , black crepe or as you wish to call them are used on special occasions when there is a loss.

In case of death of a relative, friend, acquaintance or a tragedy, in social networks these images of black ties are shared. Here we leave you a series of black bows to be shared on certain special occasions where you have suffered a loss.

Leave your comment if you served these bunches of mourning.

Images for someone who has passed away: Black loops

Even though the losses are very sad, there is always a way to remember the deceased. One of them is sharing images of mourning or with messages in social networks.

Today from our blog specialized in images we have made a selection of them to be dedicated to someone deceased. They can be downloaded free of charge and can be shared.

Black ties to share on social networks:

Images of mourning for the death of a loved one to download

p> We left some images of mourning to share on the occasion of the death of a loved one. They are images with typical black mourning bows that characterize when someone close or dear has passed away. You should just click on it to your PC and then share it. They are all images that show pain, either with tears, with the color black or with the message. Undoubtedly, all the mendacities that stir when a loved one leaves us.

There is mourning in my soul for your departure ...

My feelings are in mourning.


Pain for the loss of a loved one.

My condolences for loss.

Rest in peace.

Since you left me I regret the time I wasted away from you.

Tears of mourning fall from my eyes.

Mourning crowns in memorium.

Pain for the loss of a loved one.

I join the pain of the unexpected loss.

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