BARCELONA LANGUAGES & amp; FRIENDS (Barcelona) | Meetup

Languages ​​& amp; Friends is a socio-linguistic community that combines practicing languages ​​and meeting new friends.

Our mission is to bring together local people of different nationalities through language exchanges in different places and extra social activities such as dinners or weekend outings, workshops, excursions etc.

Language exchanges are the bridge between the traditional class and communication in the real world and serve especially to implement the language with native people. Did you know that a language exchange is much more effective than a traditional class? Because

Because you practice more than one class, you talk to several native speakers and listen to different accents and you learn colloquial expressions that the natives use all the time.

So the only secret is to practice, to practice, to practice!

There is only one secret about learning and speaking fluently to the second language and that is practicing as much as you can, whenever you can and with whoever you can!

That's why we offer a regular language exchange every Monday night and social events during the rest of the week, to give you the chance to practice as much as you can in a natural and friendly environment!

Did you know that a language exchange is much more effective than the traditional language class? Why? Because you practice more than you would in a class, talking with different native speakers of the language you're learning, thus listening to different accents, learning informal expressions and slang that native speakers use all the time.

All this in a relaxed and friendly environment where there is time and patience to understand and where you learn about different cultures and make new friends at the same time. And that's why our group is called 'Languages ​​& amp;

- It's fun and you make new friends from different cultures.

- You learn to slang and colloquial expressions from people that you do not usually learn in a language class.

- You listen to different English accents so you practice both listening and speaking at the same time.

- Once you meet new friends, there you go! You have a new friend to practice with on a regular basis.

Now you know, IT'S UP TO YOU!

See you soon at one of our events,

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