Birds of Baja California

The California Scrub-Jay (Aphelocoma californica, Figure 1) is a perch bird belonging to the family Corvidae . It is distributed in almost all the peninsula of Baja California in very varied environments that include arid scrubs, mangroves, forests and low deciduous forest.

Figure 1. bushes found in the low deciduous forest south of the Baja California peninsula.

The name of the genus Aphelocoma comes from the ancient Greek apheles meaning simple and kome meaning hair; while californica refers to the state of California, which includes much of its distribution outside Mexico.

The color of the back is blue, a part of the back is dark gray (Figure 2) , chest and belly white with a blue collar that does not close to the front (Figure 3) and the sides of the dark side with a white superciliar strip. All these characteristics make it very distinctive and easy to identify, since there are no other birds of the genus in the peninsula and the other corvids have unique characteristics such as ridge, very long tail or completely different colorations.

Figure 2. The characteristics of the back of the California Chara are shown.

Figure 2. Although elsewhere are a very well represented species in suburban environments, south of the peninsula can be found in a common way away from urban areas.

These birds usually form pairs and are quite notorious for their calls, so finding them should not pose a bigger problem as long as you go to areas where the presence of the human being is minimal.

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