Books for Agronomists

The image of agricultural work is that of a healthy activity, away from congested and polluted cities, offering the opportunity to breathe fresh air and exercise. In a sense, that's true. However, agricultural work is associated with a number of health problems. Agricultural workers are at increased risk of certain types of cancers, respiratory, cardiovascular, and accident diseases, i. In Spain, representing 6 percent of the workforce, they are victims of 8 percent of all fatal occupational accidents. The average number of members of the Special Agrarian Scheme for the account of others during 2006 was of, while on their own account was The work environment entails exposure to physical risks associated with climate, land, fires and machinery; chemical risks associated with pesticides, fertilizers and fuels; biological hazards including exposure to dust (organic and inorganic) and allergens, and also contact with plants, animals and insects; ergonomic and psychosocial risks

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