Condition: Touching things. About J. Carrión's Travel Chronicle

Condition: Touching things. About J. Carrión's Travel Chronicle

Condition: Touching things. About J. Carrión's Travel Chronicle

Carrión, Jorge. Travel Chronicle 2009-2014

I am very touching things. My mother has always told me that I am very touchy and I remember the elders telling me that "you do not need hands to see", "to look is not to touch", and that repeated against the tactile, it is just like a plug , from the glass of the window, or from a stranger. Today, fortunately, friends complain less.

Without entering fetishistic nightmares about the smell of books - I will never understand how it will smell better the lignin that the lavender or the bacon - it is certain that I like to touch also the books, that are beautiful objects, that sometimes I do not read them, I look at them, I touch them and so at ease. So yes, because that, because that cover is part of a body and there are books, that if they are truly books and not just texts (parrot with this statement, I go to throw the dogs) can not live outside their bodies.How? I explain myself.

Of those "Searches" there was little, an intertextual relationship, if any. Travel Chronicle was something else. Another book. And that 17 was another almost independent object. I wrote a chapter of the thesis. I gave a couple of lectures. I kept touching my soft book and putting it carefully in the backpack so that the edges did not bend, well guarded between my back and, of course, the laptop.

Yesterday afternoon I got another Chronicle of travel to the mailbox of the office , also Jorge Carrión. It's like my 17 but it's something else. And I say it in every way that can be interpreted as "being something else". It feels different, looks different - and no, not that it matters either, but it has nothing to do with the smell of 17. The cover is no longer black as a PC monitor, but is silver like a MacBook Air. As if books, like Apple's notebook, had a limited life span of three to five years. And now the text of Carrión has another body. I recognize it, I see my 17 there, but as with every object - those mass produced also, of course - each copy is unique and none is the same. And what to say when it comes to two completely different objects!

Carrión, Jorge. Travel Chronicle. Aristas Martínez, 2014

But this is not a computer and its pages are not screens. Chronicle of travel in 2014 does not change, nor did my copy 17. And like that, I do not know what this is yet. A remake, perhaps. Definitely not a computer, but maybe not just a book.

You press the keys and nothing changes. It is something else. And I'm very touching things.

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