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Transcript of Copy of Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May
Mother's Day or Mother's Day is a holiday which is celebrated in honor of mothers around the world, at different times of the year according to the country. Its contemporary origin would be referred to Mother's Friendship Day and Mother's Day Meetings organized in 1865 or 1868 by Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, in which the mothers met to exchange views on various current issues. Happy Mother's Day It was a holy figure.
It was made of glass:
fragile as violet and that kept a rose,
curdled with white flowers.
It is a sacred image that adorns my heart,
and flourishes my emotion. It was a woman's button.
Violet of garden,
sowed the home of roses. What an ardent heroine
spread all her faith and taught us to believe.
This is my blessed mother
whom I offer caressing and this simple sing.
I'll never forget her
Because she taught me to learn,
because she taught me to love,
because she taught me how to pray
and she also taught me how to love
She was fragile as a crystal ,
and strong as a coral.

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