Cordelia Mexico - Oh my Dior

I love magical things and I'm pretty sure you already know it. Although I do not consider myself a witch, I prefer to be called a "LOA expert" (law of attraction). I love to collect beautiful items that remind me of magic and unicorns. I love magical things and I think a lot of you already know it.

[white_box] I love magical things and I think many of you already know it. I do not consider myself a witch (I prefer to be told that I am good with the law of attraction) however everything that has to do with unicorns and magic fascinates me! And today I am very happy to show you these passbooks made in Mexico by the Cordelia brand - they are beautiful! And not only do these accessories also sell clothes, the kimono and the mesh dress are also hers.

Do you want to win a spell book? If you live in Mexico you can participate. The draw starts today and ends on Friday, January 23, 2015. The winner as always will announce via facebook, remember that when you have doubts about who won you can re-enter this post here the result will appear. [/ White_box]

To participate, these are the requirements:

Follow Cordelia on facebook: p> Follow Cordeliamid on instagram: and also my @sheismagique

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Leave a comment explaining why you want it with your email here in this blog

I will choose the 30 best comments and there I will draw lots!

THANK YOU all for participating in truth was very difficult to choose 30 comments, here the winner:

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