Language is the highest art. Communication, however, is a fragile exercise. Nor to speak of the reasoning which, in contrast to the noble impetus of wisdom, is infatuated with dirty struggles of ego and power. The language, responsible for the accumulation of knowledge, is both a vehicle of great intellectual dishonesty.

The meaning of a set of letters, identically organized, depends on the context. "Radio" is an apparatus, a geometric measurement and a chemical element at the same time. The handle can be eaten or held. And if the meaning of capital and capital depends on the article preceding the word, an article of the constitution may be confused when the word used is polysemic. It is not the same, after all, the fingertip, as an egg yolk.

The word "control" comes from the French term "contrôle" and means checking, inspection or inspection. Depending on the context, it may also refer to dominance, command and preponderance over the other.

In a recent debate between the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Dr. Gabriela Montaño and the analyst Carlos Cordero, the word "control" in two different senses. It is not the same to have "control" than to have control "over". In the first case it refers to domination; in the second one refers to an audit.

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Dr. Mountain correctly clarified that the Legislative Branch should oversee the state organs. In Article 158, the Constitution evidently states "... to control and supervise". The confusion may have been due to the fact that the word "control" confused Dr. Montaño about her due duty. To reach the conclusion that she does not know the Constitution because in a debate is confused the meaning of a word seems to me a very elaborate sophism.

Former President Carlos Mesa recently opined that "Evo owes Goni much more than he dares to recognize", which has been the cause of vitriolic analysis and an exegesis that more than an analysis seems an exorcism of the past " neoliberal. "Perhaps it is possible to accuse Mesa of obviousness or even a tautology.Every President of the world, after all, builds on those who built the previous one.In that sense, Evo owes to each and every one of those who knew We must not forget that his "revolution" was peaceful and in the polls, thanks to an imperfect system, but he was able to recognize the will of the majority that were once excluded and discriminated against.

Carlos Mesa did not say that Evo owes Banzer and Quiroga for their role in the construction of the gas pipeline to Brazil, without which the nationalization would have had a harmless economic impact.We will never know if Evo Presidente in 1996 would have achieved financing a project of this magnitude. What we do know is that the current management has not yet been able to build a gas pipeline to the Mutún, a condition sine qua non for the industrialization of the world's largest iron ore.

For the great majority, the words expressed here should only serve to identify the author as a loyal lackey of the process of change or opposition. The reasoning behind the yolks that pressed the keyboard to share a principle will be worth an egg yolk. And if the wills are divided 55% to 45% in one direction or another, what I am sure is that 97% (+/- 3% margin of error) is only interested in knowing if an analysis is in agreement or in against his favorite political agenda.

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