How can this be? It excels in everything but goes unnoticed because of its strong sense of humility and detachment to social networks and unlike the great mass user of networks and their edges to appear, figure and figure at whatever cost. > This is the dearest Laura González, who hates selfies, live recordings and senseless figurations. "If I am not a politician or a spokesperson for a religion or any less a communicator, what am I going to be doing by imposing my presence on those who do not have to put up with me" - definitely - one of the most stellar statements I have heard from his lips.

It's true, I think the same and I hate overexposure and less that of my children and my personal life, but if it's work and the thing changes. But in the case of Laura, she is still at the foot of zero excess and disclosures that lead to nothing.

This last has been impossible to contain, since last week of fashion I was able to enjoy with my family and work team CHANEL of his wonderful creation and sense of aesthetics. We marveled at that very personal touch he put into the very trendy Brasserie Auteuil of Paris's sixteenth district. I felt that what I gave her to that space is more than just a touch of DECO, it is a kind of visual welcome and the other four senses.

She works for her beloved signature nostalgic, but humbly confesses that his hand is also in other spaces, which I personally consider to be Parisian jewels like "La Belle Epoque" and the wonderful "La Californie", where he put, especially a touch full of avant-garde but sophisticated personality; that is to say, nothing of excesses but with a glamor worth of the subtlety of the sum of an architect and a work of Renaissance art.

At night, the "hot stop" always dazzling where you eat delicious but at the same time you rock as a baby in the most maternal arms; no shudders, loud shouts, unwanted selfies, annoying noises or televisions, and no less impolite administrators or grooms recording with their iPhones what is supposed to be a moment of intimacy and pleasure; the best policy in this space ... Wonderful! the ban on placing cell phones in open mode and also strictly prohibited recording without permission of any diner.

Returning to the glory of architecture and the DECO & Design of Spaces it is necessary to emphasize the materiality of its walls intervened from the coldest concrete to a soft cover of laces that slide down the walls giving the feeling that I mentioned initially, that of a crib of pleasure. Its lighting has nothing to do with its illumination, which is a kind of sensory strategy that allows light to flow "from no where" and creates an environment of earthly paradise.

I highlight manufacturing hanging lamps own that to be of a crude color give a feeling of being floating in the air suspended with fine supports that wrap a light bulb but that is graded according to the needs of the diner. Finally, the combination of furniture is personalistic, marker, creative, willful, that is, I can choose at my whim. From Philippe Starck to artisan manufacture of the streets of Paris or the district Le Marais. Mixture of loft own to the sight of the restaurant and visual feast of mixing mischievous architectural games that invite you to identify with each table, sofa, chair and detail that we cross ahead.

Definitely, a a site quite fit to plan a visit (of many) in this fashion week that is approaching leaps and bounds.

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