Enjoying Life by Eri Uehara

Enjoying Life by Eri Uehara

Enjoying Life by Eri Uehara

When Dani proposed to me Iceland and Greenland as the next adventure, I confess that I did not "jump in one foot". The first thing that came to my mind were images of pure ice, snow, sleighs and cold.

But soon Don google helped me change my mind. The images that appeared under "Iceland", were not only of ice. If not the opposite. They were very green, full of living nature.

Without realizing it, I was quickly setting up this next super-enthusiastic destination. And it did not disappoint. In fact, we left feeling like coming back. Yes, while there are many destinations that I would love to return to, I know that many of them will probably not return. But Iceland is in nustro top ten of destinations to repeat. Let me convince you in the next posts ...

This video was one of the reasons that inspired this trip! My life is a jungle drum !!!

ICELAND is a country located in the extreme north-west of Europe, whose territory includes the homonymous island and some small islands and islets adjacent in the Atlantic Ocean, between the rest of Europe and Greenland. It has a population of about 331,000 inhabitants and an area of ​​103,000 km².

It is not advisable to prepare a trip to Iceland with very little time in advance. Especially, if the same will be done in high season. Since it can be extremely expensive, since prices soar. In addition, it is a destination that is growing season after season and the hostels and lodgings in general are without capacity in the majority of the places. Knowing this, we in early February (four months earlier) started organizing the same, booking airline tickets with miles to USA and bought from NY to Reykhavíc by Island Air.

What do you do in "legs" in the middle of Iceland ?????

If you hire that extra insurance, you get the GPS without charge, otherwise you will be charged 10 euros per day. We have also read that many car rental companies include it for free at the rental. Or they charge you $ 150 rent. The truth is that it is best to have the GPS prepared (consider it in advance because they are not easy maps to get) or the CityMaps2Go application (but it is not guaranteed to work all the time). There is also the option to buy it in the free shop on arrival in the country that comes more or less what they would charge if you rent it and at least you have the equipment.

It is a pleasure to drive through Iceland, as the scenery is incredible and the traffic is very light . The maximum speed is 90km and in the city is 30km. And you must always respect it as they say that it is not uncommon to find you with a fine. In addition, cameras are constantly seen, especially at the entrances and exits of towns and cities. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain those 90km when you are driving without crossing a car ...

It is not an economic destination. We know. You have to be prepared and willing that we will have to pay higher prices than we are accustomed to in other destinations. Prices roughly: a menu more or less costs about 20 euros, the coffees about 2.5 euros, the water in a super 1 euro. It is expensive but not impossible considering we are on an island that have to import virtually everything. On the other hand, there are products that are incredibly cheap compared to our country. For example, caviar (brand Kaviar) that comes in a kind of toothpaste is a gift!

We will begin to make one of the most touristic routes that can be done in Iceland and is the famous Circular Route through Iceland . We will have 11 days to go through it, so, between the days we have and the hours of sun, we think we will have enough time to go through it. Let's start!

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