ESCARAMUJO III: Rosa canina ( - YouTube

ESCARAMUJO III: Rosa canina ( - YouTube

ESCARAMUJO III: Rosa canina ( - YouTube

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El Escaramujo (Rosa canina) or wild rose bush is a deciduous shrub of the family Rosaceae and origin in Europe, the Middle East and Northwest Africa.

It can reach 6 meters in height, although it is normally between 1 and 3 spontaneously.

It produces several trunks with spines from the base, which cross each other forming a spiny tangle.

The leaves are composed of 5-7 leaflets more or less ovate and toothed. The color is light green.

The flower is white to white, with five petals and numerous stamens.

The false fruit (urnula, hipantio) is red at maturity, with multitude of fruits in its interior.

In nature it is found in the formations of oak, oak and pine forests, as well as gallery forests and areas with a certain humidity in the summer.

It is a polymorphic species so it is possible that, depending on how they are updated and studying their characters, different subspecies are determined.

In gardening it is used as isolated specimens and in free-form spiny hedges. It develops well on loose soils and needs little care. It is a rustic species, resistant to frost and drought although it appreciates some irrigation in summer. It admits the pruning well can be conducted to cover pergolas. It is interesting if you want wild birds in the garden because it gives them shelter to nest.

It reproduces by cutting and cutting and serves as a pattern for many varieties of rose bushes.

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