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Get money for your school using Crowdfunding

Do you have great ideas for your school or your class but you lack the resources to put those ideas into practice? Find out how you can use the power of Crowdsourcing on the Internet to fund new projects or get materials for the class.

In this guide, you'll learn ten steps to a successful campaign and the mistakes you should avoid, and you can compare the features and charges of 12 popular crowdfunding platforms for educators.

Download the file in PDF format: In this issue:
  • What is Crowdfunding?
  • with experience: Ten steps to plan and manage a successful campaign
  • Build your team
  • Identify your school's needs and determine the funding term
  • Identify your network li>
  • Choose a Crowdfunding platform
  • Write a project description and tell your story
  • Create a project video or slide show Think about incentive ideas
  • Launch your campaign with a loud crash and do not fade
  • Update your network
  • Celebrate and analyze your campaign
  • Seven Crowdfunding Errors
  • Scores: Comparing Crowdfunding Platforms for Education

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How to thank a teacher

Ideas and tips to thank your favorite teachers, principals, coaches

Download the file in PDF format: In this issue:
  • Ideas gifts
  • Resources and tools to come up with the perfect gift
  • Teacher talk: What was the most amazing gift you received?
  • How to write a thank-you note

By understanding how the brain works, educators are better prepared to help their students in everything, both to focus attention and to increase retention. This resource guide for the class offers practical advice for all kindergarten grades as well as a reading list and a wealth of resources to inform you more about this fascinating field. We also include an additional project for your students to think critically about their own learning.

Download the file in PDF format: In this issue: Create a safe climate for learning Encourage a growth mindset Emphasize feedback Prepare bodies and minds to work li> Start early Accepts the power of novelty Additional project: Creates a Brain Owner's Manual The top ten tips for evaluating project-based learning

The purpose of this class guide is to inspire and expand your way of learning. think about effective evaluation for project-based learning.

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Ten Classroom Management Tips

Learn how to improve student engagement and develop a positive community for learning and discipline. This guide presents the practical aspects of running a class, with suggestions appropriate for grades K-12.

Download the file in PDF format: In this issue:
  • nice and disciplined in class
  • Includes students in developing rules, rules, routines and consequences
  • Create a variety of communication channels
  • Always Be calm, fair and consistent
  • Meet your students
  • Face conflicts quickly and intelligently
  • Incorporate positive rituals in class
  • Keep the sense of reality
  • Work together with parents and guardians

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Mobile devices for learning. What You Need to Know

This guide can help you learn how mobile devices, e-book readers and tablets are engaging children in learning, guiding them to work smart and be prepared for it. future.

Download the file in PDF format: In this issue:
  • Introduction: What are the pros and cons? Reducing the digital divide?
  • Learn about mobile devices: Mobile phones, eBook readers, tablets, portable media players and MP3 players and smartphones
  • Getting started in the mobile world: Resources and tools that support mobile learning
  • Internet applications and tools: Ideas for elementary, middle and high school classes
  • Parents: Getting parents to target mobile devices too < / li>

How should collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking be in the modern classroom? How can parents help teachers achieve their goals? We hope this guide will help more parents participate in the conversation about educational improvement.

Elementary School The World Peace Game Skype in the classroom Peacemakers Act to Solve Problems in the Classroom > World of Warcraft World Youth News li> Digital Youth Network Money Corps: Financial experts as guest teachers In all grades: More Ideas That Work Ten tips to take 21st Century skills home Resources to bring C to school < / li> Back to Top

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