I love to talk about food, because I really enjoy preparing it and much more to eat it: D also because many of the dishes I have mentioned allude to my childhood and to life with my family; at the time so rich of my mother and my older sisters who also gave me to eat.

In my house it was the custom that after eating an enchiladas day in the afternoon, the next day my mother would chilaquiles. My mom likes the wide red chili sauce, with cinnamon, chocolate, salt and garlic. The sauce is a dark red and although it has sweet ingredients, the sweetness is soft and delicious.

The Chilaquiles, are made from omelettes, separated to the taste of those who prepare them, are browned in hot oil until crisp and put on top of the sauce, onions, grated cheese and cream; can be accompanied by beans, starry eggs or to taste, chicken, cesina or whatever they consider that can complement them.

I love this sauce:

5 Jalapeno Chilies < br> 3 tomatoes
1/2 onion
1 clove of garlic
salt to taste

I fry the chiles in a frying pan with a lid, when the chiles are half prietitos, I put the onion unhooked and the whole tomatoes and I leave them to fry another little turning the chiles and tomatoes until they begin to disintegrate; as they are well cooked, I squeeze everything and in the blender the licuo with the garlic, water and salt and return them to the pan where they originally started.

Separately I already have the tortillas fritas that I like to cut in the form of totopos and ... I like them well soaked in sauce, so instead of putting sauce to the tortillas, I put the tortillas to the sauce and give them a last boil.

The chilaquiles is a food to take advantage of what we have, take advantage of the tortillas that are staying and become hard, take advantage of the sauces that we can have at home and the little bits of cheese or other things that we can have. p>

Hence the variety, green chilaquiles. red, tomato, Swiss, Puebla; Well one day I ate some that were prepared with broth often ... they were not very good that we say but no way to make him the ugly one that offered them to me and even as I chingué.

To you What chilaquiles do they like?

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