Lady Verbena

Lady Verbena

Lady Verbena

Some friends when they come home ask me how do I keep the house unassisted to clean?

Every day there is a mini routine that takes no more than 15 minutes: brief order of the bath while I brush my teeth, make the bed, wash the dishes left in the kitchen, take out the trash, water the plants and a General order (that makes you keep your slippers, stretch a blanket or shake some cushion).

Monday: thorough cleaning of bathroom en suite and toilette
Tuesday: > Wednesday: Vacuuming and waxing all floors
Thursday: Special cleaning * (to be developed)
Friday: General review, changing sheets, cleaning glasses and washing clothes
Saturday and Sunday: only mini routine, rest of the time is pure disorder

* Special cleanings would centralize specific activities of no more than 1 hour which I do not do within other cleanings. For example: cleaning the cupboards, cleaning the oven inside (puaj), ordering the drawers, washing slippers, changing plants, etc.

I have a list of these special tasks (yes, that's crazy), and I'm picking up the least per day that week.

I can not deny that I like be organized and make multiple lists; so this method works for me.

I hope my routine inspires.

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