In the monument of Illustrious Heads HISTORICAL CENTER San José del Cabo
PROFESSOR, CHRONICLE, POLITICAL, WRITER, AND UNFORESEEING PROMOTER SPORTS. He was born in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, on January 21, 1918, his parents being Mr. Fernando Cota Romero, an office trader, and his wife Mrs. Maura Sández Ruiz de Cota, elementary school teacher.
Orphaned at the age of two, was under the tutelage of his uncles Pedro Miranda "La Lupa" by hairdresser, and his aunt Victoria Cota Romero, later when he attended the fifth and sixth grade of primary, lived with his uncles Matías Galindo "Chono Galindo" of tradesmanship, who by the way died at the age of 104 years, and his aunt Guadalupe Cota Romero, later living also, with his aunt Otilia Cota Romero Vda. of Guereña.
His studies of primary education did them in high school no. 3 of San José del Cabo. Baja California Sur.
WEDDING OF FERNANDO COTA ROMERO (Father of Prof. Fernando I. Cota Sández) and EMILIA COLLINS WIL ...

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