National Geographic often leaves us speechless thanks to their wonderful snapshots, but there are a huge number of them that never get to see the light and are s / b>, without being published. Commemorating the entity's 125th anniversary, in 2013, a project called Found was launched with the aim of giving back to life those photos that had been made over the years, but which

In the case of the ones shown here, these are images that were found by William Bonner and the publisher Janna Dotschkal and it is his merit that now

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Cat on top of a giant water lily in the Philippines, 1935 (National Geographic).

European fallow deer in a Swiss forest in 1973 (National Geographic).

fainting one of them in London, in 1966 (National Geographic). Caramel, a regular at the Parisian cafe Le Louis IX, accompanies a client in 1988 (National Geographic).

Several hikers on a natural rock bridge in Mt. Rainier, Washington , in 1963 (National Geographic).

A cat attacks its own reflection in a mirror, in 1964 (National Geographic).

1963 (National Geographic).

A Kenyan woman holds her deer in Mombasa, 1909 (National Geographic).

. A couple embraces next to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris in 1960 (National Geographic).

A woman in front of her flower stall in Barcelona in 1929 (National Geographic).


The birds fly over a closed courtyard in Havana in 1987.

The neighbors relax by a canal and a tulip field in Haarlem, Holland in 1931 (National Geographic) A herd of herds with her dogs' help in Scotland in 1919 (National Geographic).

A 900 meter waterfall falling from Auyantepuy, Venezuela, in 1963 ( National Geographic).

Children in school uniform pose at the London Zoo with penguins in 1953 (National Geographic).

A man examines a dog's fangs near the South Pole in 1957.

Lumberjacks next to giant sequoia Mark Twain, felled in California in 1892 Geographic).

JFK's coffin under the Capitol dome in 1963 (National Geographic).

Woman dressed as a Chinese goddess poses in a California garden in 1915 (National Geographic ).

A man under the giant leaves in Maui, Hawaii, in 1924 (National Geographic). Geographic).

Boy sitting on a hereford bull in California, in 1926 (National Geographic).

The shadow of a man riding a bicycle near the Zambezi River in 1996 National Geographic).

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