Night Gardens by Agrochic | HipLatina

Night Gardens by Agrochic | HipLatina

Night Gardens by Agrochic | HipLatina

Your garden is one day and one night. So from now on I will talk about my patios as two completely different places.

Most of us do the yard and garden tasks during the day because it is when we have more visibility and thus avoid the risk of (and mosquitoes). Likewise, we try to enjoy it to the fullest until night falls, and in that case we depend on the available lighting. On numerous occasions I have caught the night in the yard preparing transplants or any other pending task, simply because during the day I have not had time. Besides that after a busy day sinking hands on the ground is something completely therapeutic. The only thing I do not do is water the plants at night to avoid fomenting fungi.

I think the same effort I put into planning my daytime yard should also do with the night, otherwise it is as if I was losing a significant part of my investment. Yes, because when I sow during the day, and forget that there is a whole nightlife, including those pests that are more agrasive at night, I run the risk of not finding anything the next day.

On one occasion , agronomist Kelmadis Pérez Rivera wrote to Agrochic about her nocturnal visits to the orchard and noted that, "these nocturnal visits are important because they help me to maintain a good program for pest management. p>

Of course, it also gave you the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular ecosystem that was so close in the backyard. From snails, limpets, and crickets to eating their freshly sprouted plants to toads and coquies feeding on insects. In addition to meeting nocturnal birds.

A couple of years ago, in a workshop offered by landscaper Sammy Malavé (collaborator of Agrochic), he pointed out that through planned lighting, we will accentuate strengths and ignore weak points. He also commented on some disadvantages such as electricity consumption, attraction of nocturnal pests, and overgrowth of plants. For this reason, he urged even more to plan well the sowings and what we are interested to highlight in the evening hours.

For Malavé, enlightenment must begin on a paper. This always refers to a sketch of the patio that includes existing lights, benches, fountains, and plants.

In the market there are many types of luminaires according to Malavé. It highlighted the unidirectional or multidirectional spotlights, pagodas or Pathway Lights , and submersibles. Products with 'Light-Emitting Diode' LEDs described them as the best current light source, in addition to having a cheaper energy cost.

Today, many of households are getting smaller and smaller, as well as the budget for going out, so many families choose to maximize every square foot of their home, including the yard, for the entertainment of family and friends. If anything we can start today is to plan how we want to enjoy the other facet of our yard and garden in the evening.

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