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ORNITOFILIA What is it? Adaptations of plants Adaptations of birds Ornithophilia is the pollination of plants by means of birds. It is highly developed in the tropics and in some island chains. Ornithophilia occurs in places where there are no pollinating insects and in arid regions or isolated islands. Plants can be adapted with mechanisms that attract birds and exclude insects. Most of the flowers pollinated by birds are red and have large amounts of nectar with high glucose, galactose and fructose. The main specialized bird families are: non-hermit hummingbirds and hermit hummingbirds, suimangas and melífagos, Icteridae, Thraupidae, Drepanidinae, Zosteropidae and Promeropidae.
The birds get the nectar perchándose or hovering in the plant. These birds have a mechanism that helps them to quickly remove excess water since they can get to take 4 to 5 times their body weight to get enough energy.
Valentina Fuccz. Juanita Marin. Laura Camila Rodríguez. Laura Camila Campos. Valentina Serna.

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