purple veg: October 2010

purple veg: October 2010

purple veg: October 2010

I made my first-ever carved pumpkin! This is not a tradition in Spain, so I never had (let alone made) one, until now. I particularly like the light spill from the holes in the back (not shown in the picture) that reflects in the wall behind. I'm getting ambitious now and next time I want to bat shape.

I did not grow it this year, but if I found ground space next year ... I made soup with the scooped flesh and a chilli and we liked it, the current carving was easier than anticipated, and it's a seasonal thing to do before Christmas. All these things together earn the pumpkin many points towards inclusion in the 2011 Growing Wishlist!

Here is my first pumpkin "Halloweeen". This is bought from the super, but for next year I would like to grow a plant (if I can find space!). The shell is less hard than I expected and the "face" was not difficult to cut. With the meat inside (you take it away with a spoon) I made a soup with chilli (to give it some flavor) and it was good, so the pumpkin has gained points on the list of things I want to plant next year.

Making a flashlight like this is very easy, really:

1. You need: a pumpkin, a small sharp knife, a meat dish and another one for the seeds, a piece of silver paper and a candle

2. The lid: the trick is to put the knife in an angle (pointing towards the center) so that the lid does not slip inside. As the interior is hollow and the meat (at least in my case) is not hard, you can steer the knife in the direction and angle you want. This is the only technical trick of the whole operation!

3. Empty the interior: take a spoon and empty the pipes (they can be roasted and eaten) and the meat (these type of pumpkins have less flavor than others, but can be eaten perfectly)

5. The back: if you cut some shapes in the back, when you put the candle inside the light reflects on the wall and makes a very cool effect. This year I made some simple rhombuses, but next year I already have plans to make a bat ...

6. The candle: for safety, put it on top of a piece of silver paper, and make sure that the base (the inner bottom of the pumpkin) is stable. And be careful if you have a small pumpkin that when you put the lid on the candle flame does not catch fire

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