The PAAR Blog: 01/01/2013 - 02/01/2013

Jeronimo has lived in Aspen, D.F, Querétaro, Nice, London, Bordeaux, Liverpool, Bologna and Los Angeles. Speaking Spanish, French, English and Italian has made it easy for you to make friends of all ages and backgrounds. He studied engineering in music (his great passion) and likes to listen to all genres, each one teaches him something new. He facilitated sports and as a boy he practiced Olympic gymnastics. His hobbies include skateboarding and taking pictures. He is addicted to sweet enchilados and loves tacos, although after living so long outside he already has a lot of respect. It takes more time to eat than to cook your meal, and one of your favorite dishes is the duck, a fact you discovered when working for a while in a restaurant. The best experience he has had so far has been to work at the Hove Music Festival in Norway, where headliner was Arcade Fire and was able to witness an impressive sunset at 12 the night. The best gift you have been given was a harmonica that your father gave him at age 5, which he will give to his son when he turns 5 years. His ideal day is to enjoy the sun, to ride his bike with his friends and his girlfriend, then a good local concert in the evening with new music and beers. One tick is to make a noise with your fingers when thinking about something. The worst thing anyone can do is not tell the truth to want to avoid pain. Among your things you will always find a hat or cap. What is proposed achieves it, enjoys life very much and of all experiences always takes opportunities by seeing the positive side of things.

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