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Intimate South American Songs

Trio Florecer plays classic hallways, bambucos, and more - South American cousins ​​of the waltz that unite indigenous, European, and African influences. Tenor Mark Baum gives voice to the longing of the lyrics in harmony with clarinetist Zack Pitt-Smith's beautifully improvised counter-melodies, while bassist Jeremy Allen fluidly shifts meter and rhythm, holding down the groove.

The recording that brought the group together, "Arboles y Amores," has received airplay on major radio stations in Spain and Colombia as well as in the United States. Mark Baum - Lyrics, Vocals

Mark Baum Rafael Manriquez - Guitar

Zack Pitt - Clarinet

Jeremy Allen - Bass

"A wonder the interpretation, it puts the hairs to the point ... Pure delicacy y sentimiento!" - Mundofonías, Foreign Radio of Spain

"A collection of classic Colombian melodies that, along with Claudia Gómez's 'Tierradientro', reinforce Colombia's lovely musical heritage. Mark Baum's voice and Rafael Manríquez's guitar partner seamlessly in a pleasant, liquid symbiosis. "- Michael Guillén

Check out Mark Baum's website

Read about master guitarist Rafael Manriquez.

$ 12- $ 20 admission. Doors at 6:30 p.m. Show at 7:00 pm.

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