Visiting Walt Disney World With Boys Under 5 - Traveling Mom

Visiting Walt Disney World With Boys Under 5 - Traveling Mom

Visiting Walt Disney World With Boys Under 5 - Traveling Mom

There is no doubt that Walt Disney World is a fabulous experience for the whole family. Big and small will always enjoy the incomparable magic of this park and take unforgettable memories. The youngest of the family are perhaps the most enlightened with their first encounter with their friend the Mouse Mickey who in person is huge and does not talk like on television. These are the best recommendations for those Visiting Walt Disney World with Boys Under 5

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I believe all ages are ideal for Go visit the magical world of Walt Disney World. However the innocence, curiosity and total emotion expressed by the little ones of the family as they marvel at everything they discover in the Magic Kingdom steal the heart of the parents they want to radiate the same joy as their children. This stage of the first year until age five are ages you can not miss without going to visit Mickey Mouse and his friends

Visiting Walt Disney World With Boys Under 5 - Traveling Mom
Visiting Walt Disney World With Boys Under 5 - Traveling Mom

While it is true, sometimes traveling with the little ones can be a bit more complicated by the things that we must carry or the siesta times. Sometimes, when we think about visiting Walt Disney World, it is so much the emotion of all that we can avoid some points that can avoid disappointments, sorrows or loss of time. This is very real when your son excited to ride in Space Mountain, gets scared to death because we did not realize that this particular attraction develops in its entirety in perfect darkness. So, if you are traveling with children under 5 years old, you may well come up with these suggestions to discover Walt Disney World with them.

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Visiting The Parks

At last they came! Once in the park, there are some general ideas that will help you in all Disney parks.

You do not have to see the park in a day: The truth is that you will have plenty of opportunities to go back and enjoy the parks in the different ages of your children. Babies Center: At the end of Main Street there is a comfortable and quiet place to feed and change boys. Passenger exchange: If you want to ride an attraction without your little one, make the line. Rent the car for babies in the park Enjoy the parades >

Choosing Attractions in Magic Kingdom

All of the park's attractions offer attractions that will draw even more attention to younger visitors. I think where else you will find to do with your little ones will be in this first zone:

Storybook and Circus Area

  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant: this attraction delights me because row turns into a giant waiting room quite entertaining for the little ones thanks to the structure of game that will make you feel in a park of your neighborhood. They will be under air conditioning and you do not have to worry about your place in the queue because everyone gets a number assigned for your shift. If you need to go to the bathroom, ask a cast member or Disney employee who will not only guide you, but also give you instructions to return without having to queue again.
  • Train Station: Yes they did not get on the train when they entered the park, or if they want to go for another ride, take advantage of the "Train Depot" train station that is right there.

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In Fantasyland

  • Prince Charming Regal Carousel is a beautiful centerpiece that you can not miss. Princesses and princes alike will be happy to ride the horses on this carousel!
  • It's a Small World: this iconic attraction of the park is a good time to take a little boat ride in air conditioning while teaching words in different languages ​​and we enjoy typical dresses from the countries represented.

In Adventureland

  • Magic Carpets of Aladin: the attraction itself is very similar to who will live on Dumbo the Flying Elephant. The difference is that here you have to queue and it is inspired by a theme of the thousand and one nights.
  • Jungle Cruise: time to go sea adventure in the jungle for 10 minutes while the guide
  • Enchanted Tikki Room: It will give you a moment to rest while you sit and sit under the air, while the mechanical birds entertain you. >

In Frontierland

  • Country Bear Jamboree: Another chance to sit in the air conditioning while enjoying jokes and music with friendly mechanical bears as hosts
  • The Laughin 'place: This is a small recreational park for the guys you'll find next to the train station in Frontierland.

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    And if it's food, read all about Disney snacks.

    A well deserved date for the popes

    After happy hours with the little ones , enjoy time as a couple leaving the kids at Lilo's Playhouse, the Walt Disney World Resort children's club.

    Traveling mom tip: for those who visit Disneyland for the first time, we recommend this article

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