You will wish to live in this transparent house

You will wish to live in this transparent house

You will wish to live in this transparent house

For many, architecture is a new art form, and reason does not lack as there are people who are able to get out of their head impressive projects that once brought to reality leave everyone who see it , with the mouth open. Of course, this type of building is not within reach of all pockets, but as you look at it is free and we think of all of you, there goes this house that will put your long teeth, a house that we have seen in the portal Homedsgn from where we have

A transparent house

The architect Steve Hermann was commissioned to carry out this work in 2010, a work where he wanted it give a lot of weight to the use of open spaces, betting on transparency and minimalist elements, as you can see in each of the images that we leave below.

This mansion was baptized with the name of "The glass pavilion", a name that goes like ring finger by the elements used for its construction, as we have commented in the previous paragraph and that leaves everything in sight of any person.

p> This large luxury home is built on a ter reno of 4300 square meters and in its interior we find multitude of rooms: five bedrooms, 6 complete bathrooms, a kitchen, an exclusive room dedicated to the world of wine or an art gallery, to highlight just a few

The house is completely surrounded by nature, with a large garden where we find many trees and other plants of the area, and a path created to be able to move throughout the land without the need to have to step on the lawn. Needless to say, taking care of all this natural space requires a lot of time and dedication.

The idea of ​​the architect was to design the most minimalist house that has ever been built in the world, and from what we can see, it can be said that it has. Inside the walls stand out because of their absence, as well as bet on straight and simple lines.

He also did not want to abuse the use of colors, hence the house uses the white color in each of its walls , as well as in the ceiling and floor. The only thing that breaks with this harmonious design, are the colors used for the few furniture that are part of the decoration, furniture in which are used very sober colors far from the extravagant and strong, betting on brown colors and lands that combine the perfection with the rest of the mansion. These colors remind me a lot of this apartment in Moscow where they played with white and black.

In its decoration, the architect did not skimp on expenses and most of the elements that are part of it are exclusive to major brands in the market. In this way, the glass panels that occupy much of the house are Star Fire, a glass that is usually used for the exhibitions of great jewels for its sharpness, that manage to make it appear that there is no nothing. The kitchen and the bathrooms come from the hand of companies like Varena, Poliform and Antonio Lupi.

Your own art gallery

In this case, the walls of this great room are lined with walnut, which helps to give it a much more special touch and breaks the line followed in the rest of the house.

As you can see, even the bathrooms have transparent walls, where privacy is compromised, especially if you have guests or an unwanted person, but on the other hand it should be wonderful to take a relaxing bath while enjoying a view incredible.

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