Aves - Pablo Buitrago

Aves - Pablo Buitrago

Aves - Pablo Buitrago

On the 17th of January a group of good friends and I met in the airport because our first big trip of the year was about to get started.

the tickets to Santa Marta, a beautiful and nice city in the Colombian coast; but that was not our final destination; from Santa Marta's airport we took the cab that took us to the town we were going to stay for one week, Taganga.

Taganga, also called "Sal if you can" -which means "Leave if you can ". - is a picturesque and small fishing village located 15 minutes away from the center of Santa Marta. The village is surrounded by desert mountains covered in natural flora, such as cactus vegetation and shrubs. It is known as a nice diving destination where many types of fish and corals can be reached by short walks and snorkeling out to corals. We snorkeled several times and I regretted not having a water camera to capture all the underwater landscape that I got to see there, it really was amazing and very colorful.

The main beach is shared with the harbor. It is small and half of it has fishing boats, some of them are decorated in a very particular way, some others not; but still it's a nice beach to swim and to contemplate the stunning sunsets that can be seen in the coast. There are more beaches in Taganga but to get there we had to walk through the mountains that surround the town, the view from there is quite stunning.

All in all we had an amazing week there; we left Taganga on the 24 of January. I shot so many photos and I wanted to share some of them with you all; I'll be uploading more to my flickr in the next days.

Hope you all are doing great and having a great 2013.

Aves - Pablo Buitrago

On January 17th a group of friends and I met at the airport at about 9am to start the first big trip of the year.

Santa Marta was not our point of arrival; from his airport we took a taxi that took us to the place where we were going to be a whole week; Taganga.

Taganga is a picturesque fishing village known as "Sal if you can", located 15 minutes from the center of Santa Marta; is surrounded by desert mountains with natural vegetation like cactus and different types of shrub. It is known as an excellent place to dive because the water is clear, and many types of fish and corals can be seen with great ease; we went to "caretear" many times, the amount of fish species is impressive, so much so that I regretted not having a water chamber to capture all that colorful landscape that is seen under the water.

The main beach is shared with the Port, is small and half is full of fishing boats, some with a very particular decoration, others more simple; but it is still a good place to swim and to see the famous sunsets of the coast.

In Taganga there are more beaches, but to get there you have to take a road in the mountains, the view you have is spectacular, as you can appreciate the town in its entirety and a sea with a perfect color.

We had an excellent week, full of good times and lots of laughs; I took many photos there and wanted to share some with you; in the next few days I will be uploading more to flickr, so be aware.

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