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This article is about the birds of Honduras. For a listing of the birds of Honduras, see Annex: Birds of Honduras.

Honduras is a country with a great biological diversity and a great variety of forests, climates and ecosystems, due to it presents / displays a great variety of birds, some that take refuge in the foliage of the forest and others in marshes, lagoons and lakes; certain specimens seek the oceanic coasts or the icy waters, others the high mountains, and others populate the extensive plains. This is because the extensive geography translates into several ecoregions. Honduras has a natural capital that contributes significantly to the global diversity.

Honduras has a great diversity of birds with more than 700 species of stable presence.

h2> Honduran Esmeralda Colibrí Honduran Esmeralda Colibrí The Honduran Esmeralda Colibrí is the most important species of Honduran Esmeralda colibrí.

the only known or endemic bird of the Honduran region. It inhabits dry forests and tropical or subtropical scrub. It is in danger of extinction due to habitat loss and deforestation.

The Emerald Colibri is locally common in arid and scrub forests in the Upper Aguan River Valley, located in the department of Yoro. It is also common in the department of Santa Barbara It is generally attacked by the goat's (Glaucidium brasilianum) owl . When attacked, hummingbirds gather in flocks to escape.

This species was discovered in 1867 by amateur ornithologist George Newbold Lawrence, who named the species in honor of Lucy Brewer, daughter of his friend Thomas Mayo Brewer.

National bird of Honduras

The national bird of Honduras is the Red Guacamaya which lives between Mexico and Bolivia.

Threatened species [ edit]

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