Blog Remake lab: Recycling on wheels

Blog Remake lab: Recycling on wheels

Blog Remake lab: Recycling on wheels

You know all my interest in recycling to make different furniture from what I'm encountering , which leads me to go saving objects of all kinds , already coming to worry about whether I already have the Diogenes Syndrome! but for now I am taking advantage of all of them.

Today I want to show you another type of recycling that I have not yet carried out, but I am looking forward to it, as you get very nice furniture. It is about the recycling of parts of bicycles, cars, motorcycles ... At first it seems a little risky but when you see what you can get to be sure that some animate you. We will begin with the bikes which seems somewhat more accessible, we can get wheels to get tables, chairs, lamps or other elements of decoration:

part of the wheels we can also use other parts of the bikes getting these results:

We can also create furniture from motorcycle parts.

Finally from cars, vans, tractors ... you can get all kinds of furniture.

As you see in this is to put you imagination . I will teach you if I can do something, because I have some bike parts and car tires with which I want to make some furniture.

I encourage all passionate about bikes, motorcycles or cars < / b>

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