chartreuse cones

Reference information: Gardening on Pinterest | Outdoor Stairs, Landscaping Ideas ... Hops Field 2. growing hops | Disaster Plan | KegWorks Blog ... In mid to late summer, its large leaves are joined by ** chartreuse cones (post only on female plants) ** that ... Perennial Garden Ideas | Mary's perennial rock garden, Bagley MN.

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Sep 2, 2013 - At this time of the year, until fall, my *** Hops vine produces large leaves with chartreuse cones.

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Female hop plants produce more colorful flowers, cones and foliage than males. Humulus lupus 'Aureus' is especially striking, with toothed leaves in the shades of chartreuse. The pine-scented cone, or hop, which grows on the vine attracts butterflies, adds visual interest to the vine and is used in the brewing process.

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Drinks And Gastronomy Manual - Distilled Spirits, Wines, Beers.

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chartreuse: pale green; liquor of yellow color or green that the monks of the monastery of Chartreuse made from herbs and brandy; enameled ceramics; rice mold or cream that surrounds some other food


Only female plants bear "chartreuse cones".


... female ... "light green".

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