DECO & amp; Vanguardia: Tendencies 20-13 - The decoration is protagonist

DECO & amp; Vanguardia: Tendencies 20-13 - The decoration is protagonist

DECO & amp; Vanguardia: Tendencies 20-13 - The decoration is protagonist

Interior decoration for this 2013 is marked by the use of rustic and natural accessories.

space that follows the tendencies in interior design and decoration proposed for 2013 , in our home should be emphasized natural decorative elements such as ornaments composed of wood, stone, clay or

The same thing happens with colors, the trends pose a chromatic range that seeks to bring harmony and calm to our stays. >

As for the use of upholstery and textiles the standard is the same, carpets and curtains of textures, fibers and natural colors will wear to perfection. > Accessories

Gone are the days when the same range of colors was used for the whole house, as the trend is inclined to use images both in des, ceilings and door, and that each environment is a unique space unified by some material or object with the rest of the house.

Also, these trends show unusual combinations in the palettes of colors , where contrasting and strong colors are mixed in all the elements of a room. For example, if you have single-tone walls in a room, you can place images on vinyl stickers to decorate them, combine the colors of those images with bedding, and use totally different and contrasting colors for curtains or carpets. The idea is to put aside what is already set and leave the imagination to use the colors.

We will simply seek the influence of nature in our home, with many textures, framed in calmly colored surfaces with certain colorful and vibrant elements.

One of the most used and avant- this year is the industrial style, that, which recreates large factories, with natural and industrial elements recycled or used for other purposes. Open spaces, monochromatic cold colors, the use of few decorative elements and rough materials such as metal, aluminum, cement, glass or unpolished wood are the main characteristics of the industrial style.

As for decorative objects, we will limit ourselves to the use of large metal lamps, dark furniture, wood or metal with imperfections and signs of wear proper, old posters and large station style clocks.

But this, for some, turns out to be a little "cold" style, for them, those who bet on warmth, the ideal for this year is the country style, which recreates the old mansions, full of peace and harmony.

Two opposites, but as always, the opposites attract, so for the most original and bold, there is a mixture of both, which will generate a good combination, always accompanied by our personal touch, nothing serves to have a super space following l trends if we do not feel "that is ours", that has our personal signal.

Good 2013 and to be renewed !!!! Greetings Anabela!

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