Forbidden to cry

I am a little bit of a dream

I am nothing at all


I have only been the second

third option

I have never had a boyfriend


I do not own a partner

I do not have my partner

> I do not know how to cook

I do not like to knit or sew

I do not know how to comb

to the salon

I do not like to take off my shoes

I do not know how to handle a man.

I have never walked the street

hand in hand with that

Traveling around the world

I have not traveled more than

for my inner world

I do not listen to commercial music

/ p>

I do not know how to cut a cake without being torn apart

I do not grow any flower

iel is not smooth

my nails are very short

I do not know how to make coffee

I do not paint my lips

/ p>

I do not like bracelets

nor clocks

I have never been able to paint a fingernail

without me staining. >

I am one more of the pile

Nothing makes me special,

however, I know how to dream

I can sing imagining that you listen to me

I can imagine myself walking

by your side

I can make your skin vibrate

colors, smells, and flavors

of things in every moment

out of my mouth

all things that surround me

I am one more

one who looks and watches his surroundings

one who has great fun in this world

one that can enjoy

a warm hug

one that scolds and invents stories

one that can see all that is good of things

I am a mirror that invites you to look

I am the actress of my own destiny

I am the one that shakes you

I am the one who cries

I am the one who heals you

I am the one who repents

I'm a penélope knitting and destroying your absence

I'm an apple of René Magritte

I'm Anaïs Nin's diaro

I am the poem of an American drunk

I am the sonata of a child genius

I am a sonnet of Juana Ines

I am a French cronopio

I am the Mixtec song

I am Lorca's romance

I am the song of the silent girl

I am the desire to love of my dead aunt

I am the smell that reminds you of your childhood

I am wild pink

I am the heat that my mother lost in I am the last breath, I am the first

I am the hug

I am the mirror of water

I am a heap of words

I am the Ophelia of Hamlet

I am the Hamlet of Ophelia

I am the moon and I am the sun

I am a closed night

I am the full moon that hides

I am the clouds of the storm

I am the earth

I am the handmade tortilla

I am the fresh wind

I am everything and I am nothing

I am a cup of coffee

I am a glass of wine

and you are me


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