After more than six years on the Costa del Sol - in Benalmádena coast at first and now in Benalmádena village- La Pala d'Oro has opened in the capital - together with the recently inaugurated Gran Hotel Miramar in La Malagueta - a wall with a wall with Millesimee , the gastronomic wine cellar of the Astoria wineries, the Italian region of the Veneto, denomination of origin Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, cradle of the famous Prosecco. The chef Matteo Manzato (Venice) is responsible for the three gastronomic spaces that share, despite their evident differences, the same purpose: to make known the traditional Italian cuisine.

Restaurants such as La Pala d'Oro and chefs like Matteo assume responsibility for educating this Spanish diner who maintains that Italian gastronomy reduce to pasta and pizza ... well, okay, and tiramisu for dessert. For this, he is very concerned to meet the diner and go bringing the recipes to awaken his senses: his dishes breathe Italy. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you smell like Italy.

Your Italian customers remember your land; to those who have visited the country of the boot helps us to return and recover our experiences; those who have not yet been able to go have a great opportunity to have a first contact with their products and their cuisine. Benvenuti.

[Exteriors of La Pala d'Oro]

The restaurant is very cozy and very Italian: square tables for four diners very close to each other dressed with linen tablecloths and wooden furniture on a few walls curdled with the Astoria wines from your menu. The chandeliers give it a distinctive touch. The staff is very attentive to detail and with an extensive knowledge of the kitchen and the bodega.

[Oil and butter for the wait]

With high quality produce and home-made and traditional cuisine, the menu consists of a wide - Infinity of other restaurants- variety of starters, salads, fresh pasta -with gratin and stuffed section-, meats and pizzas, plus desserts.

Among the hors d'oeuvres, we find all the great Italian references: selection of Italian sausages, parmigiano reggiano cheese for 36 months of cure, bruschetta, all'aglio loaves, carpaccio, provolone, burrata of Puglia and ham of Parma . A tour of the gastronomic geography of the country.

[Provolone della Valpadana D.O.P.
grilled with Italian sprouts]

[Bruscheta with pomodoro e basilico] Following the entrees we opted for pasta as our main meal. To accompany our dishes, we choose a bottle of Lambrusco Rosato Amabile Diamante, from the region of Emilia-Romagna. Fresh, fruity, bubbly and spicy. Great maaridaje.

Fresh homemade pasta. With that is all said, do not you think? We chose three types to try different elaborations: a spectacular pappardelle with truffle, a square spaghetti stretched in bronze with lobster and ravioli stuffed with burrata with saffron and almonds. All excellent.

[Pappardelle quadrati trafilati al bronzo con astice]

[Ravioli di burrata with zafferano e mandorle] p> We still have to go back to try the pizzas that both in the letter and at the neighboring tables, we got a lot of attention.

[Lemon sorbet, vodka and milk]

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