Gods in human bodies

And when the sun announced the birth of a new day, God met with his Twelve Beloved Sons and sowed in each of them the seed of Human Life. One by one, they approached the Father to receive his gift .

To You, Aries, I give you My seed. Every seed that you sow will be reproduced in thousands and thousands more.
The seed will grow and bear fruit, but you will not have time to see it, because everything you sow,
creates new seeds that have to propagate.
You will be the first to introduce My idea into the mind of Man, but it is not for you to nurture the idea or discuss it.
And your life is Action and the only one that I entrust to you is: to begin to make the Man of My Creation conscious.
For this I give you the virtue of Appreciation. Quietly, Aries returned to his place.

To You Taurus, I give you the Power to Build.-Make the seed become a Substance.-Your work is very great and requires patience.
You will have to finish what you have started, otherwise, the seed would be like words to the wind.
Make fruitful the fields.
You will not question or change your opinion in your work, nor ask for help to fulfill it.
So you can do all that, I give you the Gift of the Force; use it skillfully.
And Taurus returned to his place.

To You Gemini, I give you questions without answers, endless quests.
Show and make men understand everything they see around them.
You will never know why man speaks and why he listens, but in your quest for answers, you will find My Gift: Knowledge. And Gemini returned to his place.

To You Leo I give you the task of manifesting My Creation with all its splendor.
When showing the Great Work, take care of the pride.
Always remember that it is MY Creation, not yours; if you forget this, men will despise you.
There is much joy in the work that I give you if you do well.
For this, I give you the Gift of Honesty. And Leo returned to his place.

To You Virgo, I ask you to guard jealously My Creation.

Watch and analyze everything that man has done in it You will have to observe in detail his ways and remind him of his mistakes and so, through you, will be perfected.
To fulfill your mission, I give you the Gift of the Purity of Judgment. And Virgo returned to his place.

To You Libra, I give you the mission to Serve;
It awakens in the man the conscience of his duties towards the others so that you can learn to cooperate, as well as to appreciate the other part of his acts.
I will put you in all the places where there is discord and for your efforts, I will give you the Gift of Love. And Libra returned to its place.

To You Scorpio, I give you a very difficult task.
You will have the ability to know the Human mind, but you will keep in secret everything that you learn.
Many times you will suffer for what you see and in your pain you will deny and forget who I am.
It will be the perversion of My Idea, who will cause you to be in pain.
You will see so much of man that you will know him as an animal and fight with all your strength against the animal instincts within you, and that will divert you from the path.
But when you finally emerge victorious from your struggle and return to Me, Scorpio, you will have for yourself the Supreme Don of Resolution. And Scorpio returned to his place.

To You Capricorn, I entrust you the task of teaching man to work. Your task is not easy, because you will feel the weight of man's efforts on your own shoulders, for the greatness of your mission, I place in your hands the responsibility of Man. And Capricorn returned to his place.
To You Aquarius, I give you the knowledge of the Future, show man new ways.
In you I will nest the pain of loneliness, because you will make that My Love is not personal.
To show and focus the eyes of man on the New Paths, I give you the Gift of Freedom, and your Freedom will continue to serve humanity when it needs. And Aquarius returned to his place.

To You Pisces, I give you the most difficult task of all:
I ask you to pick up the man's sorrows and return them to me; Your tears will be My tears.
The pain you embellish, is the result of the lack of understanding of My Idea by the man, but you will give him compassion so that it can start anew. For being the most difficult task, I give you the greatest Don of all: You will be the only one of My twelve Sons who will understand me, but the gift of Understanding is for you, Pisces, keep it, because when you try to participate the man, he will not listen to you. And Pisces returned to his place.

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