Gus Ultramar /// illustration and poetry

Gus Ultramar /// illustration and poetry

Gus Ultramar /// illustration and poetry

What I thought this morning when I left the spinning when I evaluated if my hips were wide enough and my buttocks were proudly firm.

Kardashian of Mexican poetry

My waist would measure centimeters less

My breasts two sizes larger

My buttocks also bigger

I will win the Manuel Acuña International Prize for Poetry in Spanish Language valued at one hundred thousand dollars

equivalent to one million and a half pesos according to the change

I will ask for a loan

I do not want to be unrecognizable as Uma Thurman or Renée Zellweger

I want something subtle

on the face no

knife here knife

implant here botox there

after a season in LA

two months of recovery


not with the body of a mermaid

but of a goddess with a lot of flesh well put

would be in my silhouette the wiggle

of an hourglass

of a juicy pear

of a Spanish rumba guitar

a glass coke

I have ambitions I know

I will not settle for being like JLo

and brag about body with my friends

Sing in the karaoke "Little Carcacha a little bit"

Every verse I write brings me closer to the jackpot

With that body I will have health insurance

long term

I will abandon poetry

I like to think that bulimic-anorexic today is a thing of the past

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