Hip Hop X Download: January 2013

4. Dances with Juaninacka

5. What do I do here?

6. $ + € (with Tote King)

7. The room that I like the most about my keli

9. El Niño Güey

10. In the dark (with Legendary) 11. Eyes sad

12. You're not ugly or na

13. This song is dedicated ... (with Morodo) > 16. Today not ... (with Loko)

Title: Always Strong 2

1. Crisis [prod. Symbolyc One]

2. S.E.V.I.L.L.A. [prod. Symbolyc One]

3. 30 [prod. Action Sanchez]

4. No (with Chukky) [prod. Cookin 'Soul]

5. The children's [prod. Action Sánchez]

6. The entourage [prod. Action Sánchez]

7. The filmmakers 2 [prod. Action Sánchez, arrangements of guitar: Carlos Cruz]

8. New [prod. Hazhe]

9. We remain strong (with Head of M) [prod. Head of M]

10. V.S [prod. Cookin 'Soul]

11. Live It (with Pinnacle Rockers) [prod. Action Sánchez]

12. Speaking [prod. Action Sanchez]

13. Hip-hop (with Legendary) [prod. Action Sanchez]

14. That you juma - part 2 (remix) [prod. Action Sánchez]

15. Varied fruit (with Halberto the Chef and Yoque) [prod. Action Sanchez]

16. He (with Head of M and All Day Green, remix) [prod. Action Sánchez]

17. The sergeant [prod.

03. Fury of titans (with Legendary)

/ p>

04. Seville - Part 2

05. Freestyle - Part 1

06. Pino Montano (with Puto Largo)

08. (With Halbert the chef)

09. I try

10. Retrospect (with All day)

11. Mixed fruit - Energy remix and Halbert the chef)

12. Never get lost (with M)

13. The (Original Version)

16. TV (with Lorena)

02. Personal Beliefs (with Zero-Positive)

03. Mision Search

05. Blondapetit (with Swan Fyahbwoy and Gordo Master)

04. Crazy Love (with Zatu)

06. Flow Del 15 (with Capable)

07. Where I Have to Be (with Baroe, Head of M, Xcese and Courtesan) The Holy, John Deep, Ose and Tosko

09. Fucking Real (with The Limit)

10. The Street This Candela (with Exception and Little Pepe) >

11. WOM (with Crew Crows) 13. You Can See The Light (with Brother L) 13. Different Ink (with Sharif and Alba)

14. 15. Say Goodbye (with Spanish Fly, Xcese, Ego, Duddy Wallace, Head of the M and Zatu)

15. Say hello to the Captain (with El Chobbi) 18. What Matters (with El Chojin and Shabu One Shant)

18. Works Suzios (with Latex Diamond, Mitsuruggy and Trad Montana) One Mission (with Shabu One Shant, Legendary, Jesuly and Puto Loko)


01. Intro (Prod. & Scratches by the Brain AKA Brainiac Beats)

02. The Time Is Here (with Spanish Fly)

03. Espacio Vital (with Sho Hai - Collaborates Kase.O) (Prod. Heavy Roots)

04. When Everything Ends (with El Chojin)

05. This To Feo (with Rapsusklei) (Prod. Sánchez Action)

06. Curro And Sacrifice (with Darmo - Collaborate Alba) (Prod. (With Kafu Banton) (Prod. Anthony Henry & John Mitchell for Lockdown Productions)

08. Solo No (with Paul Pera AKA Bull Romero)

Migo) (Prode Sone)

09. This Or That (with Parts - Collaborate Shabu One Shant)

10. For My Children (with Fresh Makers) (Prod. Titó) (Scratches DJ Cena)

12. Lsd (with Kultama) (Prod. Sr T Cee)

13. Nothing But (with Alberto Gambino) (Prod. Hazhe)

15. The Generators (with Sicario) (Prod. Chief of the M) (Scratches DJ Neas)

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