Holistic World USA - What is floral therapy

The word "alchemy" comes to mind when the action of Flower Essences is best described. Alchemy, an ancient chemical science, had the great goal of converting common metals into gold. This power to transform the common into precious is precisely what Flower Essences do, since its main action is to raise the consciousness from the base to the higher levels. Very simple, having Flower Essences helps us to flourish. We are in our best and most powerful when we are truly ourselves, and nature can bring that reconnection. Defined as liquid, potentiated preparations, each with a distinctive stamp of the character of a particular flower, Flower Essences are recognized today as a unique, natural, holistic modality that can lead us to decisions more closely aligned with our inner spirit or soul. To achieve optimal healing, a modality has to address more of a physical aspect. Mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects also need to be considered. Floral Essences can fulfill this requirement and are experienced by people as soul food.

In the 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach, a sensitive and cultured physician in England, presented the opinion of that disease was impossible - unless one was not in harmony with our true nature. He was also of the opinion that health solutions should not be treated "in the laboratory and use artificial drugs" because in nature, "among the trees, plants and grasses of the field." This is the cure for everything.

38 Dr. Bach's original floral remedies and his remedy formulated Rescue, a combination of five of its essences for the relief and release of a trauma, are now used around the world. Since their work was recognized, people from other countries have been inspired to explore the healing qualities of their floral kingdoms. Thousands more floral essences are being offered and used for health and life enhancement.

At present this modality of healing is widely used by holistic health and medical professionals as well as traditional practitioners. In Mind / Body studies, it is now known that emotions affect the function of the nervous system, hormone levels, as well as the immune response. When these areas are out of balance we are more easily susceptible to organic dysfunctions. Traumatic experiences in early life can be the source of disturbances that cause profound chemical imbalances that wreak havoc on our moods and relationships. As well as negative emotions in destroying our integrity and causing us to lose energy, the release or transformation of emotions accomplishes the opposite, an increase in energy integrity, resilience and availability to get out of emotional traps and diseases. I personally work with many floral essences from all over the world and elaborate them with exclusive water of certain points of energy of the Sacred Shasta Montana, usually prepared in the summer and are based for distribution, they are also elaborated with gems and rested under statements of which the patient wants to work.

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