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842 SHADY ANNUAL TREE RING Butterfly Flower Bag -Add a ring of color around any tree.Seed-embedded mat makes it easy! | $ 8.00

891 SUNFLOWER SEED MAT Sunflower Seed Rug - This special mix called "Autumn Beauty" produces a gorgeous array of fabulous fall color. Great in cut flower bouquets! (17 "x5 ') | $ 8.00

892 BUTTERFLY SEED MAT Butterfly Garden Seed Rug - Attract multitudes of butterflies with this colorful blend of annuals for quick, long-lasting color. (17 "x5 ') | $ 8.00

One step and you're done ... really! Get growing

894 HANGING STRAWBERRY KIT Strawberry pendant set - Enjoy as a garden accent, and a source of sweet, sun-ripened berries. Kit includes a packet of strawberry seeds, poly bag with planting holes, and a nylon hanging rope. Berries appear in just 10-12 weeks. | $ 15.00

895 HANGING CHERRY TOMATO KIT Tomatillos pendant set - Our Babylon Bag turns any sunny wall or fence into a place to grow tomatoes! Harvest the ripe cherry tomatoes and enjoy the lush foliage throughout summer. Kit includes an 8½ "x21½" reusable poly bag, nylon hanging rope, packet of seeds,

896 BUTTERFLY HANGING GARDEN Butterfly bag flower set - Our mix of colorful annuals will bring long-lasting color and butterflies to your porch or patio. Kit includes an 8½ "x21½" reusable bag, a rope for hanging, packet of seeds and complete planting and care instructions. | $ 10.00

845 HUMMINGBIRD SADDLEBAG KIT Set of Colibri Saddlebags - This mixture provides a season-long smorgasbord of flowers for hummingbirds. If hummingbirds naturally occur in your area, this annual and perennial mixture will attract them to your garden. Plant in full sun or partial shade. Kit includes 8½ "x29" reusable bag, a packet of seeds, and planting instructions. | $ 10.00

and planting and care instructions. | $ 15.00

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