How to Decorate a Wedding Country Shabby Chic Original

How to Decorate a Wedding Country Shabby Chic Original

How to Decorate a Wedding Country Shabby Chic Original

The shabby chic country wedding blends a hint of vintage formality with the carefree style of handcrafted. Pastel tones, imperfect finishes and layers of unfinished but feminine fabrics at the same time. Add a touch of original DIY details to give it your personal seal.

This style of wedding is setting a trend and you can achieve a lot of originality with a reduced budget. To give the country western look to your country shabby chic wedding, you can play with the following elements. Marry in a barn or barn (farm), decorate with wildflowers, sunflowers, mason jars and hay balls. It incorporates the workers and boots of cowboy. Lots of burlap and carved wood. It replaces the typical limousine for the departure of the bride and groom by horse drawn carriages.

Today we bring you ideas to incorporate sunflowers, carved wood and farm elements so that your country shabby chic wedding is everything you dreamed of.

Yay for Sunflowers!

Nothing says field more than sunflowers. The association is immediate. These yellow and giant flowers also help keep your budget "in check" as you only need a few to give the country shabby chic touch.

These sunflower hanging balls are super easy to make. All you need is a styrofoam ball, glue stick and sunflowers.

Beautiful and easy to make. Photo:

Cowboy boots and sunflowers for the flower girl. Photo:

A sunflower and lots of burlap. Photo:

Decorate your country shabby chic wedding with sunflowers and mason jars over wood logs - Photography Ulysses Photography


A waterfall of sunflowers on the wedding cake. Photo:

Incorporate the Carts at your Country Shabby Chic Wedding

Drink bar in a wheelbarrow. Photo:

A trolley with sunflowers carrying wedding souvenirs.

Decorating with Barrels

The barrels also add a rustic chic to your wedding. Loaded with flowers, such as picture frames or signature books, they are ideal for country shabby chic.

Rustic barrels of wildflowers. Photo:

Barrel ideas for your country shabby chic wedding Photo:

Hay Bales

If there is something that country screams are the bundles or balls of hay. Super cheap and original make it possible to do things like this wedding in Alabama that blended hay bundles with baby's breath and whitewash wood letters for the perfect country shabby chic look.

Wedding country shabby chic in Alabama. Photo:

Country style shabby chic for the ceremony Photo:

An original idea to incorporate The Hay Bins at Your Wedding - Photography Adriana Klas

Play with the Carved Wood if you like DIY

There are many ways to incorporate wood into a country wedding shabby chic This wedding organized in the Valley of Carmel in California incorporated it with wooden candles carved with hearts.

Country wedding shabby chic in Carmel California with carved wood. Photo:

We bring you a small, simple tutorial to make table numbers or coasters for your country shabby chic wedding. First, cut a tree branch and cut into slices. Mark the numbers with the help of a gouge, paint them carefully not to get out of the lines. Once dry, cover them with varnish and presto!

Tutorial to make table numbers in wood.

Without needing to be really wood, these wedding cakes incorporate the look.

How to incorporate wood into your country shabby chic wedding Photo:

Country shabby chic wedding details

We end this article with more details to inspire you for your country shabby chic wedding. We hope you have been served and if you are looking for more rustic ideas, do not miss these rustic invitations at your fingertips.

If you wish you can change the roses for sunflowers and save a little! / p>

tables. Cardin Creative Photography Photography

Frames and photos around a tree blends the carefree romanticism of shabby chic with the rustic country style. Photo:

They are not mason jars but they seem like idea to serve the drinks - Photography Rennard Photography

Blackboards and mason jars come together for this original and interactive idea for your guests replacing the signature book. Photo:

A brood with the skull of a bull with wild and colorful flowers - Jonathan Ong Photography

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